Who We Are

Click Digital Marketing Services is a Digital Marketing, political consultancy, and advertising firm that combines innovation, technology, and creativity to solve problems in a hostile world. We are an integrated strategy and marketing agency working with companies, political parties, and candidates to change people’s minds and move them to action. We bring professional experts in each service area to develop and execute campaigns that help our clients achieve bigger and better results than they’d hoped for — setting a higher standard for whatever challenge or opportunity comes next.

What We Do

A political consultancy firm can play a very important role in an election campaign. We help the campaign to develop and implement a winning strategy, provide valuable advice and guidance on the best way to run the campaign. We also provide a wide range of other services, such as organising media relations, Branding, providing research and analysis. We provide the right content and strategies to our leader to connect with the public and gain their confidence so that the chances of winning is more.



We create an advertisement that informs, entertains, and move voters. We use the power of advertising to tell the unique stories of our candidates and win campaigns.

+ Audience Identification and targeting
+ Media Planning & Buying
+ Advertising Creative
+ Analytics & Reporting


Our data, creative, strategy, and communications experts can help define and amplify your identity and message, whether you’re just starting out or are a well-established political party or individual that needs a refresh.

+ Brand Strategy
+ Identity and Message development
+ Graphics Design and Style Guides
+ Premium Promotions


A strong connection between the political party, candidate, and cadre is the most important key feature for a successful campaign. Our prime focus is to establish and increase the connectivity between leaders, volunteers, candidates, and political party.

+ Cadre Membership Campaign
+ Digital Membership Plan
+ Cadre Engagement Management
+ Booth Committee Management


In this era, most Indians are spending more time on their phones than they do watching TV. A strong digital presence is crucial. Our team of social media strategists, email and SMS writers, video producers, and designers can make sure you stand out from the crowd.

+ Social Media
+ EMAIL/SMS/Whatsapp
+ Video and Creative
+ Customized Software & Website


Whether you need to mobilize the grassroots, leverage grass-top messengers, or build an organization or party from the ground up, we’ll work with you to create a holistic, data-driven engagement program, both online and off.

+ Campaign Strategy & Execution
+ Election Monitoring
+ Organizing
+ Coalition Building


Strategic communications are the foundation for successful and impactful marketing activities. Break through to your target audiences with data-driven messaging and as an integrated strategy.

+ Message Development
+ Media Relations
+ Media Training
+ PR & Advertising

Performance Outlook

Some of our past work is highlighted below:

  • Previously we have worked for top political leaders.
  • We have exponentially increased their online reach, engagement and followership
  • Our effective use of advertisements and organic efforts yielded good results almost on an everyday basis.
  • We were also able to identify the right content and efforts that would lead to maximum engagement
  • All 5 candidates that we worked for have won in the recent the 2023 Karnataka Assembly elections.
  • We have been able to achieve an entire year’s reach in one month of taking our their social media management

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Experience game-changing success with our social media management expertise! We’ve helped top leaders skyrocket their online presence through killer ads and savvy organic strategies, ensuring wins day after day. Our secret sauce? Spot-on content that hooks your audience. Imagine a whole year’s impact in just one month! Ready for a campaign that speaks volumes? Let’s make it happen!

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